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The star photos you choose become photobooks

Starpix is a mobile app which you can select & edit your star’s photos for your own


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can customize your photo goods easy and fast

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Jin-il Lee
 CEO and lead marketer at Starpix.B2B sales at SNAPS is leading company of POD.  
Jeong-won Jin
Based on Node.js, Full Stack
Platform & Meteor.js developer
Kang-il Lee
Planning Team Manager
5 years as a mobile service planner in the field of photo printing.  
Jae-hun Hwang
UX/UI Designer
UI designer 4 years. And she always makes fitted & proper design results.
Kyu Heo
QC Team Manager
Worked at SNAPS and PHOTOMON as a QC manager. 
Eun-ju Park
Global marketing manager
Experience in Tokyo, New york and Korea. Based on global experience




39-7, Sangil-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
For general inquiries:
TEL: +82 2 427 1442

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